carpe seamus

my name is vee, i'm from virginia.

twenty one. happily taken by my roo. hopeless romantic. new mother of a happy baby boy named seamus.

"i fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, then all at once."

-john green, the fault in our stars
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So can we start over? Will that fix things? I don’t know, but I’m willing to try because I’m not ready to give up on you just yet. You’re the love of my life and though we may fight like hell with each other, when we love, it’s like no other. 

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I was ready to start a new year with a new life and a new man and for once in my life be completely and utterly happy with you and all that was ahead of us

you put a ring on my left ring finger with a promise to be mine, to come home to me again, to love me unconditionally, always faithful

but you promised me a life I will never get to see because you ripped it out from under me the day you took that ring back and told me you didn’t love me anymore

now I’m broken and alone and wishing I knew what changed in you to make you want to leave me behind when I would have followed you anywhere, no matter the consequences

what went wrong. what changed us. what changed you…

I want you back.

I want you back.

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I hope he never sees my tumblr, so he never knows how much he broke me.

every time my phone buzzes, i don’t know why i expect it to be you…

you have absolutely no obligation to talk to me now…

and that kills me…