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my name is vee, i'm from virginia.

twenty one. happily taken by my roo. hopeless romantic. new mother of a happy baby boy named seamus.

"i fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, then all at once."

-john green, the fault in our stars
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Today, I swore I smelled the cologne you used to wear. It’s so pathetic that something like a smell can bring tears to my eyes. It’s January 31st, and I still miss you.

every morning that i wake up alone, i hate that i will never get to wake up next to him ever again…

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turning around on the first day of school and falling in love with your eyes

I remember how you would make me laugh, the butterflies in my stomach multiplying

I remember looking up to see you smiling at me, those dimples stirring some crazy feeling inside of me

I remember staying up late, my head under the covers, texting you.

I remember your strong arms around me, my head on your chest when we first hugged.

I remember my tiny hand in yours, my tiny foot to yours.

I remember you telling me, that you had feelings for me, and how my cheeks turned pink.

I remember the first time when your lips touched mine and the electricity flowing through my body

I remember that day, looking up into your eyes when you asked me out and how I was the happiest person in the world.

I remember the faces of my friends and their happy voices when I told them we were a reality 

I remember that night when you kissed me and told me I was beautiful, and the tears that came to my eyes

I remember falling asleep in your lap, your eyes the last thing I saw before I dreamed of us together

I remember the feeling of something wrong, every time I saw you with those girls and the stab of pain through my heart

I remember the feeling of loneliness, even in that crowd of people.

I remember that last smile I saw, that last smile when you were mine.

I remember the last time your arms went around me, and how I wished we could rewind.

I remember walking away, the tears spilling down my cheeks because I lost something I loved.

I remember you loved me…and I will never forget.

god how i miss this so much already… 

god how i miss this so much already… 

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less than three - eddplant


we parted - eddplant


I hate myself but I want you to love me and make me feel better

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The first time I ever watched this was with Aaron… who broke up with me yesterday… So of course, this sent me into fucking hysterics ):

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i love this so much omg


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